My name is David B. Newman.

I am a mechanical designer with a strong background in electronics packaging emphasizing design for manufacturability in a multi -functional matrix environment.

I have been responsible for product design from concept through production and support for products used in some of the most rugged environments imaginable.

My specialty is the impossible. Where it seems there is no possible solution to conflicting requirements my expertise kicks in. This ability comes from making lots of mistakes. Every design has its own unique characteristics and at some point in the development life-cycle every designer comes to a point where they have painted themselves into a corner. Each time we learn something and so the next time it’s a different corner. Eventually we learn to think about those cul-de-sacs of options before heading down that path.

We then learn to first understand all of the requirements, evaluate as many options as possible, and proceed cautiously building in contingency and back-doors as we go.

I have many years of experience doing just that, and I love it! My first professional love was drafting, a gift given to me by my machinist father. At age 13 he took my first drawings, simple projections of three-dimensional objects, to work and machined them so that I could see the results of the work.

Imagine my excitement the first time I walked through a shop and saw my drawing hanging next to a 20′ tall aluminum brake and my part being built to be used in an assembly to be deployed to the U.S. Army. This was big stuff!

I do most of my work in 3D and then output the drawings in the standard format of your choice.

Let me know if I can be of assistance to you with your mechanical design challenges!



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